Is This Your Queen? Unappreciative Wench – Part 7

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


My question is what dudes are going out their way to buy this piece of trash, fake eye lash wearing chick drinks to begin with? Again, I’ve written at least 3 articles previously on black women and their unappreciative nature, those can be seen herehere and here. Again, you already know why this siren is so brazen and arrogant, it is because of these desperate simps who have been gassing up this weasel’s head with falsities and lies.

We at the thinking black men’s regiment have been stating for the longest while that had it not been for these empty headed simps with their pandering compliments and comments, black women as a collective would’ve received their just and long overdue recompense a very long time ago. However because of garbage disposal men black women for the most part have been able to successfully dodge their judgement…

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