They Have No Shame Nor Standards – Another Package Delivered

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


This is exactly why we SYSBM soldiers strictly advise other thinking black men NOT to deal with white women who hang around black women as this is the typical garbage you’ll have to deal with:

Note how the two booty models below are on tag ie they’re criminals, smh.

Below we have a group of Baltimore’s finest who decided while in the midst of a rally against gun violence to twerk on the side of the street, smh:

Here we have a disabled, weave wearing black female who despite her handicaps still has no problems listening to gutter trash music talking about “riding dick all night” and even attempts to get her twerk on, smh. Even when mangled up in an electric wheelchair, these black sirens will still find themselves wallowing in ratchet, in the sewer, beyond primitive behaviours. The sad thing is there are black men out there…

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