Black Men – Avoid White Women Who Hang Around Black Women And Equally Defend Their Dysfunction

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


When you see the photos above you now understand from whom Miss Jolene gets her disjointed philosophies. White women like this ought to be careful because they are only tolerated by the black witches they hang around for as long as they tow the line. Make no mistake about it, in the twinkling of an eye those same black women she is so eager to defend will turn against her and slam her face deep into the mud without a second thought if she sets a toe wrong yet alone a foot. I warned you in Negro Wars to beware of liberal white women who come out of the woodwork to bolster and support black females and their feminist agenda.

Since Miss Jolene wishes to jump to the defence of the dysfunctional modern day black female aka the angry and bitter black sisterhood, let us go through and…

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