Jury finds Katy Perry hit ‘Dark Horse’ copied gospel rap song

LOS ANGELES — A jury on Monday found that Katy Perry’s 2013 hit “Dark Horse” improperly copied a 2009 Christian rap song, setting up arguments over how much the singer and other defendants will owe.

Monday’s decision returned by a nine-member federal jury in a Los Angeles courtroom came five years after Marcus Gray and two co-authors first sued alleging “Dark Horse” stole from “Joyful Noise,” a song Gray released under the stage name Flame.

The case now goes to a penalty phase, where the jury will decide how much the plaintiffs are owed for copyright infringement.

Gray’s attorneys argued that the beat and instrumental line featured through nearly half of “Dark Horse” are substantially similar to those of “Joyful Noise.”

“Dark Horse,” a hybrid of pop, trap and hip-hop sounds that was the third single of Perry’s 2013 album “Prism,” spent four weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 in early 2014, and earned Perry a Grammy nomination.

Perry’s attorneys argued that the song sections in question represent the kind of simple musical elements that if found to be subject to copyright would hurt music and all songwriters.

“They’re trying to own basic building blocks of music, the alphabet of music that should be available to everyone,” Perry’s lawyer Christine Lepera said during closing arguments Thursday.

Perry and the song’s co-authors, including her producer Dr. Luke, testified during the seven-day trial that none of them had heard the song or heard of Gray before the lawsuit, nor did they listen to Christian music.

Gray’s attorneys had only to demonstrate, however, that “Joyful Noise” had wide dissemination and could have been heard by Perry and her co-authors, and provide as evidence that it had millions of plays on YouTube and Spotify, and that the album it’s included on was nominated for a Grammy.

“They’re trying to shove Mr. Gray into some gospel music alleyway that no one ever visits,” said plaintiffs’ attorney Michael A. Kahn during closing arguments, when he also pointed out that Perry had begun her career as a Christian artist.

The 34-year-old pop superstar and “American Idol” judge brought laughs to the proceedings when she testified during its second day, and her lawyers were having technical troubles getting “Dark Horse” to play in the courtroom.

“I could perform it live,” Perry said.

No performance was necessary after the audio issues were fixed. Jurors heard both songs played back-to-back in their entirety at the end of closing arguments this week.

Perry was not present for the reading of the verdict Monday afternoon.



Black Men – Avoid White Women Who Hang Around Black Women And Equally Defend Their Dysfunction

Black Men – Avoid White Women Who Hang Around Black Women And Equally Defend Their Dysfunction

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock



When you see the photos above you now understand from whom Miss Jolene gets her disjointed philosophies. White women like this ought to be careful because they are only tolerated by the black witches they hang around for as long as they tow the line. Make no mistake about it, in the twinkling of an eye those same black women she is so eager to defend will turn against her and slam her face deep into the mud without a second thought if she sets a toe wrong yet alone a foot. I warned you in Negro Wars to beware of liberal white women who come out of the woodwork to bolster and support black females and their feminist agenda.

Since Miss Jolene wishes to jump to the defence of the dysfunctional modern day black female aka the angry and bitter black sisterhood, let us go through and…

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Dealing With The “If You’re Done With Black Women, Why Don’t You Just Leave Them Alone” Kansas City Shuffle

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

I’m beginning to see an increasing number of black women and their pro black simp advocates use the above line against thinking black men as if we are somehow following black women around, however nothing could be further from the truth. Firstly, unless you live in a country where black women are practically non existent then common sense will tell you that even thinking black men who have walked away from black women and black society as a whole are still going to see and interact with them under some capacity(though we’ll try our utmost to minimise those interactions to as little as is possible).

Another reason why the above line has to be looked upon with extreme suspicion is the fact that black women seeing that their pool of unsuspecting victims is rapidly drying up wish for thinking black men like myself to STOP warning others concerning the perils…

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