Typical Black Queans, What Black Men Who Still Choose To Deal With Them Can Expect – The Package

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock





This dumb Emily Vrooom chicken head above who you’ll notice is constantly disparaging black men on her Twitter feed has a tattoo of Medusa stamped to her right leg, this immediately shows you where her mindset is at, past the gutter and she most certain confirms this whenever she opens her mouth to speak.

Of course she managed to pick up a no standards having simp who has no problems licking her muddy boots, the video is from a year ago so who knows whether she’s still with the same dude as I haven’t seen her post anything recent with him in it. Things have now gotten so bad that in order to deal with modern day black women you have implement self retardation ie dumb yourself down significantly, this is how backwards these females have become.

Yep, the Slim Sauce/Chunky Bruh she decided to open…

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