From /r/The_Donald: “All my Trump supporting friends have Asian girlfriends, wives, or kids, including me. When we get together we talk about how slutty and brainwashed most white women are. It’s kinda weird, but true.”

"I'm not racist, my wife is Asian!" What will happen when racist, anti-social, anti-diversity, conservative, anti-feminist, anti-black, anti-asian white men marry "traditional, family oriented," status-obsessed, racist asian tiger moms who hope their children look white for privilege - and produce half asian sons who look totally asian and hear "no asian guys"? what happens when half-asian sons grow up to look "too asian," and have a white dad and asian mom who are mocking asian men, while society is unapologetically racist against asian men? an honest appraisal of self-hatred, fetishization, and psycho-sexual racism by the very worried son of a racist, black-hating, holocaust denier, Nazi-sympathizer and a racist, extremely violent, self-hating chinese woman.

Actual post.

Politics are just manifestations of sexual angst. Just go on the Nazi-revival website at, where the explicit woman of choice is the Asian woman. (I’m not exaggerating – go at any time of day, it’s been this way for years; Stormfront and are filled to the brim with white nationalists with “submissive,” conservative Asian wives). You might think I’m exaggerating, but given what I went through, the mental problems of half-Asians I know – you’d probably start treating this as a legitimate issue.

According to the overwhelming majority (yes, most of them think like this) of conservative white men who blame their sexual failures on “liberalism” (we can just call this the sexual revolution, which is inherently anti-conservative), White women are feminist “sluts” who sleep with black men, while Asian men are the enemy to be mocked and humiliated as being “beneath” the worst white man…

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