Gay activist priest who fundraised with Lady Gaga’s charity suspended for sexual misconduct



NEW YORK, July 8, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – The priest at the helm of an LGBT-affirming parish in New York who told a potential seminarian to lie to Church leadership about his sexuality has been suspended from ministry after a canonical penal process found him guilty of serial sexual misconduct.

A spokesman for the Archdiocese of New York told Catholic News Agency (CNA) over the weekend that Father John Duffell had been found guilty of the canonical crime of sexual misconduct resulting from an administrative penal process conducted by the archdiocese, and that the suspension is indefinite.

A source close to Duffell told CNA the allegation concerned serial misconduct over a period of some years, the report said.

A Phenomenological Analysis of Invisibility Among African-American Males: Implications for Clinical Practice and Client Retention

Angel Riddick Dowden, Jessica Decuir Gunby, Jeffrey M. Warren, Quintin Boston

This article reports the results of a phenomenological study of racial identity development that asked the following questions: How do African-American males cope with invisibility experiences? What role do counselors play in assisting African-American males cope with invisibility experiences? The study involved the use of semi-structured interviews to explore invisibility experiences among seven African-American males. Results identified four thematic codes: self-affirmation, self-awareness, coping strategies in overcoming invisibility, and providing effective counseling to African-American males.

A Phenomenological Analysis of Invisibility Among African-American Males: Implications for Clinical Practice and Client Retention

Black Women Demonstrating Their “Skill Set”

Black Women Demonstrating Their “Skill Set”

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


This is the image that the modern day black female chooses to put out concerning her reputation ie what she’s good for. Remember what I’ve stated before about black women as a collective loving and embracing slut culture, well here it is right here. I was actually surprised to see a black woman in the video objecting to the degenerate activities the rest of those Harriets were taking part in, however she is in the distinct minority. Most black women have no problems portraying themselves as the biggest whores and sluts on the planet.

I remember watching some of Dr David Carroll’s videos from years ago where he frequently talked about black women and how they have no problems breathing fresh life into negative stereotypes concerning their loose sexual nature. How does the above footage help the image and the reputation of the modern day black female?…

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