Double Cream Simp And Feminist Comedian Jeremy L Holloway Attempts To Defend Black Women Using Their Own Redundant Talking Points, SMH

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


This is the predominant reason why black women as a collective continue to trundle down into the lower deaths of Hell, because spineless and gutless simps/feminists like Jeremy L Holloway continue to seek any and all paths to give these degenerate black witches an out instead of holding them to account for the innumerable transgressions they have wrought against themselves as well as their own people.

You’d think that black female advocates would approach the table with a different set of arguments in support of degenerate black women, however as we can see this dude didn’t fail in using the same old redundant talking points black women themselves have been using for the longest. Again, I just recently dealt with the whole “your mother’s black” witchcraft/Kansas City shuffle in this article below written just last month:

For years many black men have been raising legitimate issues…

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