Loyalty To Black Men Huh?

Loyalty To Black Men Huh?

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I keep on telling you on the fence black men as well as the pro black simps that black women don’t like you and simply aren’t interested in anything you have to offer them. Here is yet another example of so many that I have already brought forward demonstrating the “loyalty” most black women have towards black men. Simply put, there is none.

Here you have one miss Kayla Smith blatantly showing you who her loyalties lie with, white men. This is the case with most black women today, hence why they are assassinating unborn children at an average rate of 1876 per day in abortion centers. However you’ll notice that the angry and bitter black sisterhood time and time again refuse to deal with their transgression of open genocide against their own people which is perpetuating the so called “white supremacy” these same Negro harpies pretend to…

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