Top 15 Reasons Not To Date A Single Mom That You Need To Know

The Male Factor

I came across this article favoring dating single mothers –

15 Reasons to Date a Single Mom

Single MomHere’s what the article states as reasons for a man to date a single mom but those points, in turn, reveal that a man should never date a single woman mother? Here’s why-

  1. Tough and Independent – So she likes to be like that and DO NOT need any partner. In fact, she should be let independent, else if anyone marries her, he will end up in divorce and paying her alimony.
  2. Great Mom – If she was, then she wouldn’t have separated the child from his father.I mean biological one..
  3. Incredibly patient but no tolerance for bad behavior – Only her husband knows whose behavior was bad in reality. She could have been the more violent partner. Conduct some tests to check if she is really patient. Details of the tests given…

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Is This Your Queen – Total Disparagement Against Black Men – Part 4

Is This Your Queen – Total Disparagement Against Black Men – Part 4

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


Yes, that’s right, an overweight, multi coloured weave wearing, fake eyelash sporting, heavy make up using, tatted up black witch has the audacity to release garbage like this, has this block of butter even looked in the mirror lately? You already know that if we were to strip her down to the bare basics, she would look like a hot mess. What is it with these fat black women, they seem to be more arrogant and stuck up then the slimmer ones. Of course she has a ghetto name, Inayah, what kind of a name is that?

Again, where is the love for black men, answer, THERE ISN’T ANY and black men who are still on the fence need to get this through their heads. These black harpies will rush to put out songs disparaging black men but you’ll very rarely if ever observe…

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