Black Women – Proud Child Killers

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


Yep, you heard it correctly, because the dude she decides to open her legs to started playing up(we know the real deal, the guy was no good to begin with and this silly woman believed that she could convert the dude into an upstanding gentlemen), she’s deciding to get an abortion because this is how most black women roll as the number one killers in black society. Even if this is some kind of prank as some have claimed, the high levels of abortions black women in the US are committing is far from a joke. Is killing unborn children anything to jest about?

Since 1973 black women have X’d out over 15 million unborn black children and still counting. Even though these same so called “educated black females” have since learned that Planned Parenthood(the main headquarters of Abortion country) was founded by an ultra liberal, racist, nazi…

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