Ma (2019) – A Cinematic Roast of the American Black Woman

Afro Futurism

Blumhouse Production’s 2019 psychological horror film Ma was sure to make waves from the second that the trailer released, with its premise quickly bringing to mind other recent thrillers such as Jordan Peele’s Get Out (also produced by Blumhouse)and Us. Under the veneer of of mere entertainment, however, lies a thematic plot that was surely intended to lampoon the deplorable image of the black woman in 2019. Ma features the storyline of a lonely black woman who bonds with a group of rowdy teenagers, most of whom are unknowingly related to her past. Though the character of Sue Ann, or Ma, could’ve easily been played by a woman of almost any ethnicity, the choice in casting Octavia Spencer, or any black woman, for that matter, was surely intentional. Though race is rarely ever explicitly prominent in the film, this allows the subtext to be both subtle yet also laughably…

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“You’re Mother’s Black” – Dealing With Narcissistic Black Women And Their Deep Seated Ritualistic Witchcraft

“You’re Mother’s Black” – Dealing With Narcissistic Black Women And Their Deep Seated Ritualistic Witchcraft

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


The son who was just mercilessly beaten clearly has a poor excuse of a black mother. However, this isn’t an anomaly, this is the typical ritualistic barbaric treatment that most black children suffer at the hands of their mothers, black women who genuinely love and care for their children are extremely few and far between. When was the last time you heard a black female say to her son or daughter “I love you”, I’ll wait?

The first person a black boy/girl will normally suffer abuse at the hands of is his/her mother, this is why I scratch my head whenever black women and their pro black feminist male flunkies reach for the “your momma’s black” scratch card as most black mothers are horrible individuals who set an extremely bad example as standard. You have to understand that whenever you talk about black women and their many shortfalls…

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Arab Racism: Arab Racist Beauty Guru Huda Kattan

Makeup mogul and Instagram beauty guru Huda Kattan, the woman behind beauty giant Huda Beauty, is not new to controversies. The Arab-American influencer has been embroiled in racism rows more than once in the past. We wish we could say things have changed for the better, but it doesn’t seem like that, because Huda’s recent Instagram repost featured a dark-skinned woman doing makeup with a lot of products for fair skin, and demonstrating how to look several shades lighter.