‘None of your business’: A televangelist defending his private jets goes viral

A journalist’s confrontation with a televangelist has gone viral, bringing televangelism and its most prosperous preachers under public scrutiny once again.

Texas televangelist Kenneth Copeland came under fire this weekend for viral statements defending his lifestyle, including his ownership of three private jets.

Upon their first interaction in Branson, Missouri, Lisa Guerrero, an investigative journalist for news magazine Inside Edition, asked Copeland about his planes.

“That’s really none of your business,” he told her.

Copeland then justified his jet-setting by arguing that he would not be able to preach globally without them.

“If I flew commercial, I’d have to stop 65% of what I’m doing,” he told her.

Among Copeland’s collection is a plane purchased from producer and filmmaker Tyler Perry last year, which Copeland added in the interview was “so cheap to buy, I couldn’t have not bought it.”

Copeland also owns an airport close to his ministry in Fort Worth, Texas.

The viral moment arrived when Copeland seemed visibly angry after being pressed about a statement in 2015, where he described flying commercial as getting “in a long tube with a bunch of demons” to fellow televangelist Jesse Duplantis.



Brazil: Lesbian Couple Stabs Nine-Year-Old Boy To Death After Makeshift Gender Reassignment Surgery

Rhuan Maycon, 9, was stabbed to death on May 31st by his mother, Rosana da Silva Candido, 27, and lesbian partner Kacyla Damasceno Pessao, 28.


The boy was stabbed to death as he slept after suffering for a year after a botched gender reassignment surgery.

According to Brazil’s Child Protective Services, the boy had a“kind of a sex-change surgery. After removing the penis, they sewed the mutilated region and improvised a version of a female genital organ, making a cut in the groin”

The surgery had apparently been performed with no medical supervision after Rhuan’s mother had decided to turn her son into a girl.

Rhuan’s father had previously contacted Child Protective Services and the police after expressing concerns about the welfare of his son.

Rhuan’s mother and her partner were able to evade the authorities by moving across states and around the country.

Child Protective Services were unable to keep up or save Rhuan’s young life.

Rhuan’s father told the press, “We tried to save Rhuan. We published messages on the social media, we contacted police and the Child Protective Services. No one helped us.”

It appears that Rhuan had suffered extensive psychological trauma from his mother for being male before his penis was severed and his eventual death.

Brazil: Couple Stabs Nine-Year-Old Boy To Death After Makeshift Gender Reassignment Surgery

Feminist Teacher Tells Boys That Women Will ‘Cut Off Your Dicks’ Once They Take Over

An audio recording released this week captures Aurelia Vera, a school teacher who is also a socialist city council member in the Canary Islands town of Puerto del Rosario, telling teen students that “boys should be castrated at birth” as part of a thought experiment in which students were asked to envision a matriarchal society.

The recording, published Thursday by Spanish newspaper Okdiario, kicked up a firestorm of backlash that included a denunciation of the educator’s behavior by Francisco Serrano, the anti-feminist leader of Spain’s Vox political party.

Serrano has filed a complaint in the Spanish court system against Vera, claiming he has received numerous messages on Facebook from concerned parents of students in her class.