AVOID These Types Of Women

AVOID These Types Of Women

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Now, the reason why this narcissistic, feminist, arrogant, dumb, millennial, short-term thinking black whore is able to so brazenly lay out the disjointed terms and conditions in order to date her is because as we speak there are a million and one simps hitting up her DM’s and lighting up her inbox like a fireworks display. Even though we can clearly see from what she’s said she fits the profile of the typical dysfunctional and problematic black female to a T, there will still be some foolish black men who not thinking straight will believe that they can still meet the challenge because they’ve already been swooned and suckered in by her looks, smh.

The long and short of the story is this harriet above just like your average black female simply wishes to be a whore without being judged, she wants to let Jezebel out of the cage…

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