Jessie Woo Speaks Again – Black Men, Pay Careful Attention

Jessie Woo Speaks Again – Black Men, Pay Careful Attention

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Yep, the circus clown cake faced, yaki weave wearing Haitian Jessie Woo has spoken once again and probably still can’t figure out why she’s remaining single. Don’t be fooled in the slightest, she isn’t only after a “rich nigger”, any black man who is well to do would most certainly be on this black witch’s hit list. The above video once again simply bolsters my argument that black women as a collective view black men as slaves, commodities and assets.

I have to honestly ask, does Jessie Woo realise how ridiculous she looks with so much make up on her face as well as that non black female hair hanging from her head? This is what kills me when it comes down to most black women, they try their hardest to mimic and emulate white women but then still believe that they have some sort of moral high…

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