War Against The Heterosexual Black Male

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953f85092a0fceec943d3097c0b76b0fThere is a war against the heterosexual black male. He’s a target for everyone around the world. Haters are throwing daggers at the man, throwing knifes at him, trying to put him down. When the haters see a white heterosexual male, they do nothing to him but they have a strategy to take down the black heterosexual male. They feel like he’s the problem of society because of the heterosexual male acts masculine and that is threatening to anyone around him. Hating on the black male is nothing new whatsoever. It’s been happening for many years now and the hatred towards him will continue through a long period of time. But now other black men including me have had enough.

Who are the haters of the black heterosexual male? It’s obviously three people who have the extreme hatred for the man. It’s the white beta male, the black woman and…

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The Homosexual Tendencies Of Black Men

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We all know what happened at the 2019 Academy Awards with Billy Porter wearing that suit dress or gown. I have seen photos of him in that gown what people are calling it and also he was with his boyfriend who was in a marriage with a woman. There are a lot of You Tubers have done videos of him wearing that suit dress and most of them are not happy with this all. You see they are trying to emasculate the black man for a very, very long time. Matter of fact, they have been doing it since slavery when the white slave masters raped the black male slaves in front of the other slaves including the black female slaves. It’s called buck breaking. It’s when the black male slave lay down on the ground on his stomach with his arms and legs spread about and tied up. And…

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Interrcaial Relationships Between Black Men and Black Women

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When I was young, my mum said to me that don’t go for a white girl and she was still saying this while I was in my 20’s. I don’t know why she said this and I still never asked her. I like to know will she ever say anything negative when a black woman dates outside her race. To be honest I don’t think she will. Some black women don’t have a problem with a black woman dates out of her race. But they have a huge problem when a black man dates out.

Black men get verbal abuse when he dates out of his race and that’s by the ghetto ratchet black woman and the racist white man. I don’t have any problem with a black man dating outside her race and I even don’t have a problem when a black woman dates outside her race. I would…

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