Liar, Liar, Dirty Panties On Fire – Jessie Woo Puts Her Foot In It Once Again

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


Firstly, in 2019 this is how your typical black female looks, caked up to the eyeballs in makeup, wearing non black female hair upon their heads, sporting fake eye lashes and yet these same black women wallowing in the fakery claim that they are looking for “real men”, how backwards and foolish is that? If you were to look up the word “witchcraft” in the dictionary, a picture of Jessie Woo’s cake layered face would be right there staring back at you.

Black women are constantly attempting to deceive and hoodwink black men regarding their true image, now let’s take a look at what Jessie Woo really looks like without the extra external appendages:

Quite a different looking creature now isn’t she? Go and take a look at her Instagram and tell me if you can find any other pictures of her looking natural. Black women…

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