WRONG – Forming Any Confederacy With Black Women Is Already A Loss

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock



When I clicked on the above link I actually expected to see an article written alongside the video, however this was not the case. Instead what we are met with is some short video footage featuring a black female wearing braids using a Snap Chat filter singing along to a song playing in her car while she’s driving………………………and this is supposed to be a sufficient enough argument/promotion as to why black men should stick with mentally disjointed black women, lol.

This has to be some kind of joke right, a black woman singing in her car is the best case these black harpies as well as the poster Colin Hoffman is putting forward as to why black men should not abandon black women, really, is this the best that they have? Desperate times call for desperate measures I suppose as black women are in extremely desperate times as…

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