Black Daughter Exposes Black Single Mothers For The Dysfunctional Evil Monsters They Are

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


Although the video was painful to watch(I cannot tolerate screaming and shouting especially from black females), the 21-year-old daughter dropped some serious truth bombs especially in that heated speech towards the end. This is exactly what I talked about in Negro Wars where black mothers choose to be in constant competition with their daughters instead of choosing to raise them in the correct manner.

Very few individuals have the courage to admit that it is black women namely single black mothers who are the key to why the so called “black community” and black society at large has sunk into the toilet bowl. Most folks would much prefer to shift the blame, their favourite scapegoat being the black man, however we have to remember that most black men are SINGLE AND CHILDLESS.

Conversely, we know that 77% of black children are born to single mothers as demonstrated in…

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