Gnostic Infiltration

The Narrow Path

I have heard different explanations concerning what form Jesus is in presently. Some say He was in a body on earth but discarded His body at the ascension; in other words, He is a spirit. Others say He ascended in a body, but it wasn’t the same body He had on earth. I’ve also heard that He now has a “glorified body,” but we can’t know what that means exactly. These wrong ideas, among many others, originated with the Gnostic cults in the very early stages of Christianity.

Gnosticism infiltrated Christianity not long after Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, was defeated by the first and second century Christians, and then began to reappear within Christianity during the third and fourth centuries. It was a religious system that combined Eastern mysticism, Greek philosophy, and Christianity. Augustine, known as the father of Western theology, was involved in the Manichaean sect of Gnosticism for…

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