Justin Trudeau Packs Boxes for IRC


tru Justin Trudeau with Islamic Relief Canada Photo source: Screen shot Islamic Relief Facebook video

It is no secret that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supports the work of Islamic Relief Canada. In 2017, he was shown  helping to pack boxes for Ramadan with Islamic Relief Canada.  See video below.

In an article published today by Dr  Rachel Ehrenfeld, American Center for Democracy, we see that this spirit of helping was lauded by Islamic Relief Canada and Islamic Relief Worldwide.

“Islamic Relief Worldwide shared Justin Trudeau’s Facebook post that read: “Fill em up! It was great to be with Islamic Relief Canada volunteers in my riding today, marking Ramadan by making food kits for Moisson Montréal.” (archive) Islamic Relief Worldwide added the following statement: “Yesterday, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau joined our team at Islamic Relief Canada in packing boxes to give to a food bank in Montreal…

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