Porn Actress, Producer Boyfriend Accused Of Molesting Girl

A porn star and a director have been arrested in California for allegedly sexually abusing a young girl over a four-month period.

Melinda Smith, 35, and Jason Whitney, 43, were each charged on Tuesday in Rancho Cucamonga with eight counts of sexual acts against a child under the age of 10.

Smith has starred in a number of porn films under the name Mercedes Carrera.

Her boyfriend Whitney, who also goes by the name Daemon Cins, has produced and directed a number of adult films, web shows and porn awards shows.

Police were notified of the sex abuse allegations on January 31 and interviewed the young girl.


She told detectives that she had been abused by Smith and Whitney over four months.

‘The sexual abuse consisted of inappropriate touching, oral copulation and digital penetration, which occurred over four months,’ Rancho Cucamonga Police said in a statement.

Police executed a search warrant on the couple’s home on Friday and said they uncovered evidence that corroborated the victim’s statement.


They found Smith and Whitney’s bedroom set-up so they could film and record various pornographic videos or web shows.

Police also found methamphetamine and two loaded handguns in the home.

Smith and Whitney have been charged with eight counts of sexual acts with a child under 10 years old and one count possess controlled substance while armed with a handgun.


They were both denied bail and remain in custody. Both are due to be arraigned on Wednesday.

Detectives believe the couple may have more victims.

Anyone who has additional information is urged to contact Rancho Cucamonga Police Detective Bureau at 909 477 2800.

UK: Pensioner banned from shop because Muslim found it more important to pray than to serve her

When the West clashes with Islam, Islam always wins. A disabled woman was made to wait in a queue in her local post office while a Muslim server was on his knees behind the counter saying his prayers. The owner of the shop defended the Muslim and banned the disabled woman, who has to use a mobility scooter, from ever entering the store again. This will necessitate a disabled lady in a scooter having to travel afar in order to collect her pension.

When she complained at having to wait for so long without being attended to, the Muslim shopworker leaped up from behind the counter and told her: “How dare you speak to me that way.” The owner of the store says the Muslim has every right to take five minutes out of his day to say his prayers. This might be store policy, but surely the owner of the shop should have other staff members there to accommodate the needs of the people who patronize the store. The pensioner now has to be driven by her daughter to a post office further away.

This isn’t the first time that a Muslim’s needs have come before the needs of customers and people in their care. In 2012, a woman died because a Muslim nurse refused to help her because he was praying.

“Shop ban for disabled pensioner after row with man praying at work,” by Ciaran Duggan, Lancashire Telegraph, January 17, 2019:

A DISABLED pensioner has been banned from her local post office after a row with a worker who was praying during his shift.

Retired hairdresser Sue James had an argument with the staff member who she said was praying behind the counter instead of serving customers at Premier Feniscowles convenience store in Blackburn.

The 70-year-old, who rides a mobility scooter, had cross words with the Muslim worker after she said he left her standing at the counter for five minutes as she tried to collect her pension.

She told him: “It’s not a church, this is a post office.”

The post office worker, who claimed Mrs James was being abusive, received support from his manager Adam Bux, who backed his decision to ban her.

The Feniscowles grandmother, who has arthritis, arrived to pick up her weekly pension from the Preston Old Road post office on January 4.

Mrs James left her scooter outside the shop, as she was unable to take it into the store with her, and stood at the counter waiting for several minutes ‘in pain’ but with no one to serve her.

The mum-of-one muttered out loud, ‘This is b****y ridiculous’ before a member of staff ‘jumped up’ from behind the counter and told her: “How dare you speak to me in this way?”

After a heated row with the staff member, she was told to leave the shop and never return.

Mrs James, who lives alone in sheltered accommodation five minutes away at Lingfield Court, said: “I stood there waiting for five minutes and said ‘this is b****y ridiculous’, when out of the blue a man jumped up off the floor.

“He told me not to speak to him like that because he was praying. I was shocked. I told him it’s not a church, it’s a post office.”

The former Chorley hairdresser now has to travel to the next nearest post office, two miles away in Mill Hill, to collect her pension….