Black Women Continuing To Hate On Black Men While Promoting Their White Saviour – The Saga Continues

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


Yet the pro black, black nationalist, red black and green squads will continue to call this black woman a queen and will go in hard on any black men who refuse to deal with her and other black women of a similar character. This is despite her out in the open racism against black men coupled with her promotion of white men as the choice for black women.

Meet Miss Victoria Marie or Tori Marie as she is known on Facebook. As I have stated in Negro Wars and many times on this site, black women hate black men and at the same time worship the ground white men walk on. They are so desperate to have children by their Caucasian masters in order to give birth to offspring who according to the black woman’s own narrative will “have that good hair”.

These black harridans like Victoria Marie…

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