Ryerson Students’ Union under pressure to explain ‘baffling’ $250K credit card bill

The heads of the Ryerson Students’ Union have been given one week to explain approximately $250,000 in credit card spending, which critics say includes numerous questionable expenditures over an eight-month period.

The charges and photos of the credit card statements were first reported by The Eyeopener, Ryerson University’s student newspaper.

The credit card statement, which is addressed to student union president Ram Ganesh, includes purchases at LCBO locations, a shisha lounge and a credit risk company in Stratford, Ont.

‘The whole thing is just incredibly sad,” said student groups director Maklane deWever, who claims to have seen the credit card bill after months of badgering the union to divulge its financial statements.

CBC Toronto has not seen the statement.

The expenditures allegedly date back to May 2018, when Ganesh began his term as president.

Ganesh and vice president Savreen Gosal took over the student union’s credit card and began using it themselves, according to reporting by The Eyeopener.



Still Dreaming, Lol? There Will Be No Escape From Your Coming Judgement

Still Dreaming, Lol? There Will Be No Escape From Your Coming Judgement

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


How badly most black women only wished they could climb Swirl Mountain successfully, however the reality as I’ve have stated many times before is most black women who embark upon attempting to climb Swirl Mountain will fail miserably, this is the vital nugget of information that the pink pill pimptress one Miss Christelyn Karazin conveniently omits from her classes for black women on how they can “snag themselves a white man”.

Perhaps I’m missing something here, could somebody please show me the queue of white and other non black men who are lining up around the block to snag themselves a black witch, I’ll wait? This is point right here, non black men aren’t checking for black women en masse and black women know it, this is why they are and have been along side their pro black simp contingents resorting to dick policing tactics in their attempts to…

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Egyptian-Canadian Writer: “Westerners are Naive about Islam”


screenshot 2019-01-23 15.28.43 Said Shoaib Source: Youtube Screenshot

Fear and distrust of Islamism is not without merit. Islamophobia, as touted by Islam apologists, is an ‘irrational’ fear of Islam. There is nothing irrational about fearing an ideology that wishes to dominate. Egyptian-Canadian writer Said Shoaib  warns of Islamism, and the lack of understanding that Westerners have of what is really being taught in Western/Canadian mosques.

Video transcript via Memri TV

“The imams here do something that deceives many people, especially in the West. They talk, for example, about the greatness of the Islamic caliphate. Does this constitute terrorism? It does. The [Westerners] do not realize that this is terrorism. When you embrace the notion of a colonialist Islam that raids nations, takes them over, and controls them – you are a terrorist. You are an unarmed terrorist, until the opportunity presents itself…

I sent my Arabic books that are against political Islam to…

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