Islamic Charity Co-operations Questioned


islamic relief Photo: screenshot from IRC Facebook page accessed January 14, 2019

Over the last several days, we have been following reports from American Center for Democracy, articles that have been dealing with the connection/alleged collaboration between Islamic Relief Worldwide and a charity with definitive ties to Islamic Jihad, a terrorist organization based in Palestine.

The latest article by ACD was particularly interesting, as it stated in IRCs released official financial statements that Islamic Relief Canada  works independently and in partnership with Islamic Relief Worldwide (“IRW”) and other local and international partners to fund ongoing programs . Reports have also been published of  IRW allegedly funding terror, so the connection between IRC and IRW was concerning.

Our interest was thoroughly peaked today when we saw an article put out by anti Islamism group Pegida Canada, an offshoot of the German group PEGIDA, known for their large rallies against the large influx middle…

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Romanian news station sanctioned with 10 min. broadcast suspension

Romanian news channel Realitatea TV will have to suspend its broadcast for 10 minutes on Thursday, January 17, starting 19:00, the audiovisual watchdog CNA decided on Tuesday.

The news station was thus sanctioned for the way it reflected the August 10, 2018 events in Bucharest’s Victoriei Square, during which the riot police clashed with the protesters and several hundred people were reportedly hurt following the gendarmes’ intervention. The CNA board members decided with a majority of votes that Realitatea TV incited the public to violence, local reported.

The news station reacted and said that this sanction was a form of repression by the ruling party PSD and its leader Liviu Dragnea against the honest media in Romania. Realitatea TV has positioned itself firmly against the current ruling coalition.

Romania TV, a news channel favorable to the ruling party, was also sanctioned with a RON 15,000 (EUR 3,200) fine for the way it reflected the incidents on August 10.