Romania’s government gives up centralised textbook policy in schools

Romania’s Ministry of Education gave up the idea of textbooks made by a unique, centralised publishing house, G4media.roinformed, quoting minister of education Ecaterina Andronescu.

Teachers will be again able to choose between several textbooks made by different publishers.

Andronescu launched into public debate an order which stipulates the return to the procedure of purchasing textbooks by auction through the electronic public procurement system SEAP. There will be a maximum of 3 school textbooks for each subject and winner contracts will be signed for 4 years.

The return to competition on the textbooks market comes one year after former minister Liviu Pop imposed the state monopoly on textbook editing. Last year, the ministry extended without any legal basis the textbook purchase contract to the Didactic and Pedagogical Publishing House, subordinated to the Ministry of Education.

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