Romania’s competition body slaps heavy fine on local online retailer

Romania’s Competition Council issued a RON 1.6 million (EUR 0.34 mln) fine against local firm Corsar Online, the operator of online shop, for having operated three other online shops (, and before receiving formal approval for their takeover.

Corsar Online has displayed on products and operated the sales related to the said internet domains, previously operated by other companies, the competition body explained.

Corsar Online requested the Competition Council’s approval nearly three years ago, Ziarul Financiar daily disclosed. In fact, the newspaper announced in August 2016 that the takeover was completed technically.

“According to the relevant legislation, any economic concentration (done by merger, acquisition, takeover), where the cumulated turnover of the companies involved exceeds EUR 10 million and at least two of the companies involved have reported in Romania turnovers higher than EUR 4 million, must be notified to the competition authority before being implemented,” the Competition Council’s press release announced.

The Pope of Rome is the Antichrist

Purely Presbyterian

pope-of-rome-is-the-antichristWilhelmus à Brakel

 The Christian’s Reasonable Service

vol. 2, pp. 43-53

The Antichrist: The Foremost and Most Formidable Foe of the Church

Among the enemies which the church has here upon earth, the antichrist is the most significant and primary cause of all the persecutions of the church.

The word “antichrist” consists of two words: anti, which, depending on the context, can mean either against or for, and Christos. Thus the word “antichrist” pertains to someone who is against Christ but who nevertheless creates the impression as if he were for Christ.

Sometimes this word is used as pertaining to every heretic, who opposes the Person and the doctrine of Christ.

“As ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time” (1 John 2:18). Generally, however, it pertains to the great antichrist, the head of the…

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Macedonia close to crucial parliament vote on name deal constitutional changes

By Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje January 8, 2019

Macedonia is just days away from the crucial vote in the parliament on constitutional amendments on changing the country’s name that will open the way for it to become part of Nato and launch EU accession negotiations.

The outcome of the vote is still unclear despite determined efforts by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to secure the required two-thirds majority that will allow the implementation of the “name deal” signed with Greece in June 2018.

The vote is the last hurdle for Macedonia in the process of implementing the historic Prespa agreement with Greece, which ended a decades-long dispute between the two neighbours, which had blocked Macedonia’s EU and Nato integration processes. Greece objected to the use of the name Macedonia as it has a province, gained following the Balkan wars, with the same name, and feared irredentism. Under the agreement, the country will be renamed North Macedonia.

The Macedonian parliament adopted the amendments in principle in October, after Social Democrat leader Zaev managed to secure a two-thirds majority in the 120-seat parliament at the last moment, supported by eight opposition lawmakers.

Parliament speaker Talat Xhaferi has scheduled the plenary session on the constitutional changes for January 9, when the final vote on the amendments, of which the key one is the change of the country’s name to North Macedonia, will take place.

However, Zaev whose cabinet’s priority is the country’s EU and Nato integration, faces a number of challenges to muster again the two-thirds majority needed for the changes to be voted in.