Jewish Activist Group Fights Against Islamic Party of Ontario


dsc05399av Meir Halevi Weinstein, JDL, speaking with City TV, Toronto

The silence from Main Stream media with regards to the Islamic Party of Ontario is deafening.

Many media personalities discount this party, calling it a flash in the pan, nothing to be concerned about. Muslim personalities have also discounted this party as being “homophobic, mysogynistic”.  I am speaking specifically about Mohammad Hashim, this is the gentleman that wrote the public statement for the family of the Danforth shooter, Faisal Hussain. He discounted journalist Tarek Fatah’s concern about IPO with the following words:

Here we go again. Tarek Fateh doing his usual batshit crazy routine. I have no idea how he can say, calling him an ‘enemy of Islam’ definitively equals a death threat – as somehow that labels him an apostate and therefore makes killing him the responsibility of every Muslim out there. He’s nuts. Who cares what you are man?…

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