Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration Into Canada


Guest Column by Rami Dabbas, Jordanian Academic and Activist


“We build the Muslim individual, and then the Muslim community, then the Islamic state, and then the Islamic caliphate.” This sentence is  perhaps the most important one in the history of the Terror Group of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The idea of the expansion of the Muslim Brotherhood in various countries of the world cannot be ridiculed or underestimated with the problems that the terrorist group is making among the world’s major powers in an attempt to control the World.

In the past, the US Congress discussed threats of the Muslim Brotherhood worldwide. Sen. Ron DeSantis said during a meeting that the Brotherhood is a real danger to national security and American interests, assuring that ignoring this threat is not good.

Senator Stephen Lynch pointed out that many terrorist groups get  their policy from the Muslim Brotherhood, pointing out that there are groups…

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