Curious Lack of Response from Anti Hate Media Regarding Exposé of Hate Speech From Islamic Organizations.


farber Bernie Farber, President of Source: youtube screenshot is an organization in Canada intent on exposing hate speech and action. They have been focusing on organizations that expose actual hate speech coming out of the Islamic community.

The president is Bernie Farber, activist, writer, former political hopeful and former executive officer for the Canadian Jewish Council.

Evan Balgord is executive director of He is another activist fighting against ‘hate’ who has also been very busy exposing groups and individuals of the ‘alt-right’ community.

This past week, there has been a shocking exposé on the newly formed Islamic Party of Ontario. In this exposé , we see the principles and policies of this party, their allegiance to Islam and Allah: “We understand and believe that Islam is the native DEEN  (religion) of Ontario and Canada.”

Over the past several weeks, we have also learned of current and former …

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Who are we to believe? The founder of the Islamic Party of Ontario, or the Quran?



This pandering to the Canadian Christian community by the founder of the Islamic Party of Ontario at a Doug Ford campaign event is shocking and totally disingenuous.

Christians and the followers of Islam have many of the same moral strictures that they follow.  However, Biblical principles and Quranic principles follow two very distinct and separate roads.

In a speech presented at a rally for Doug Ford, Conservative leader for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, Jawed Anwer, founder of the Islamic Party of Ontario stated:

“We request our Christian brothers and sisters to join hands with Muslims having Islamic faith. Together we can struggle to restore and build back our religious values in education and public life.”

He is calling on Christians to join hands with Muslims?  In mosques throughout Canada, imams regularly call for annihilation of Jews and Christians.

In 2017,  imam Elkasrawy of Toronto masjid called for…

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