New Tax Code takes effect in Belarus

The updated document came into force on January 1 as a result of big work on improving tax rules and simplifying the collection of fees.

The code gives time to correct the violations without blocking account transactions. Also, the amount of penalties is limited to the amount of outstanding tax. And individual entrepreneurs were offered a choice of tax regime. For individuals, the territorial principle of service was abolished. And for those, who are in a difficult life situation, for the first time they provide a delay in paying taxes.

Ella Selitskaya, Deputy Minister for Taxes and Levies of Belarus: “The possibility of providing tax payment delay for up to 1 year is envisaged. In addition, the code extended the deadline for filing tax returns. It was moved from the beginning to the end of March”.

Syrian refugee parents in Canada threaten their daughter with honour killing because she was dating a ‘Canadian’ boyfriend.

A Syrian refugee couple who threatened their adult daughter with an honour killing for dating a Canadian man have made a plea deal with New Brunswick prosecutors that will save them from possible deportation back to their war-ravaged homeland.

Ahmad Ayoub, 52, and his wife Faten, 48, were freed this week after 72 days in jail, after pleading guilty to uttering threats as a summary conviction offence, and being sentenced to time served.

If they had been convicted of the more serious indictable offence of uttering threats, for which a trial was scheduled in the summer, they would have faced a sentence in the range of six months to a year, up to a maximum of two years.

More importantly, they would have faced the possibility of also being sent back to Syria, from which they escaped through Jordan, eventually settling in Fredericton in 2016, sponsored by the federal government.

“That’s the main thing that we gained,” said David Lutz, Ahmad’s lawyer. “Nobody who is a refugee wants to be convicted of any indictable offence, because it’s going to bring them under the purview of deportation.”


‘A very critical clash of cultures’: Plea deal over honour killing threats saves Syrian couple from deportation

According to President Djukanovic, the Serbian Orthodox Church dominating in Montenegro undermines national independence.

Montenegrin authorities will seek autocephaly for its local Orthodox Church, that’s according to the country’s president, Milo Djukanovic. The Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro undermines national independence, Djukanovic told RTCG, 112 Ukraine TV channel reported. “The Serbian Orthodox Church has very persistently been undermining Montenegrin independence. I believe that it is necessary to continue the work on restoring the autocephalous Montenegrin Orthodox Church, and the state will do this and bear responsibility for this,” said Djukanovic. The Serbian Orthodox Church is dominant in Montenegro. The Montenegrin Orthodox Church proclaimed itself autocephalous in 1993, but has not achieved international recognition.

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