Another Failed Attempt To Climb Swirl Mountain, Another L For The Swirling Sisterhood – We Told You White Men Don’t Want You Like That!

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

Evidence/FAIR USE:

Thanks to Tyrone Nyx from bringing this information to my attention. This short clip is from a British dating reality TV show called Love Island. The show is currently in it’s fourth season. I had briefly heard about this programme in the past but never paid it much attention until information was brought to me concerning a black female by the name of Samira Mighty who went onto the Island believing that she could snag herself a white guy, ie climb Swirl Mountain with ease.

However the reality is she was rejected on all fronts. Not one single white guy there was checking for her which goes back to what I have stated over and over regarding to my articles that talk about black women and swirling, the overwhelming majority of black women who attempt to climb Swirl Mountain WILL FAIL, this is the reality of the…

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