Alcohol WARNING after ‘bubbly’ mum dies in booze-fuelled tragedy

Charlotte Watson, 33, worked two jobs and had two degrees and was also a mum to her five-year-old son.

She tragically died after falling down the stairs at the couple’s home in Killamarsh, Derbs, on September 8.

Her boyfriend of four years, Chris Hadley, said she “would only have a glass of wine during the week” but at the weekend sometimes “binge drank and didn’t have a turn-off switch”.

And after the tragedy, Chris is now warning others about the dangers of drinking too much amid concerns it is becoming the norm for Brits.

Chris said: ”Sadly, the level of alcohol in Charlotte’s system played a big part in her death.”

He added: “(She) liked to have a good time – like thousands of other people in this country.

“You go out into town and see people drinking and fighting but they don’t realise how quickly life can change.”

Speaking of her son, who is now living with her former partner, Chris said: ”He is just about to turn six and now won’t have a mum – I don’t think he really understands it fully.

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