Black Women, Their Love Of Homosexuals, Homosexuality And Lesbianism

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


As I wrote in my bookNegro Wars the agenda that black women have been ordered to bring upon black society as per the instructions of their white slave master ie the state is one of death and destruction. Aswell as the violence aspect black women have also introduced the homosexuality aspect to the table when engaging in their efforts to destroy black society altogether in order to reduce it to nothing but a pile of ashes and rumble.

Black women as a collective love homosexuality, they especially are fond of homosexual black males because they do not pose a threat to the dysfunctional leadership positions that have been given to black women over black society by their white liberal father. The modern-day black woman in order to remain relevant to her white daddy must maintain her position of leadership over crumbling black communities at all costs.

This is the…

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