Drunken air rage passenger jailed after Nazi salute and attack on captain

A Nazi-saluting drunk who raged at cabin crew and tried to grab an airline pilot by the throat has begun a three-month jail sentence.

Paul Burgoyne was heading home from Northern Ireland to Birmingham Airport when he became agitated after a female air steward asked him to open his window blind for take-off.

High on a cocktail of cocaine and booze, he gave her a Nazi salute and told her, “alright, Mein Fuhrer”.

After a further outburst and a struggle in which Burgoyne damaged the captain’s £600 watch, Burgoyne was removed from the flight at Belfast International Airport.

He then jumped into the tug vehicle attached to the front of the plane and pulled on the joystick and kicked a member of the airport staff before being subdued.

At Antrim Magistrates’ Court in June , Burgoyne (51), of Temple Close, Shepshed, was sentenced to three months in custody but did not start serving it because he lodged an appeal.

But on Monday Judge Melody McReynolds, sitting at Antrim County Court, said given Burgoyne’s “bullying behaviour” on the EasyJet flight, a jail sentence was “entirely appropriate”.

The judge said she had “no hesitation in affirming every aspect of the order of the learned District Judge” who had originally jailed Burgoyne for three months.

Burgoyne, who is originally from Northern Ireland, had previously pleaded guilty to nine offences arising from the incident on February 11 this year.

They included four counts of common assault, damaging the captains £600 wrist watch, using disorderly behaviour, behaving in an abusive, insulting or threatening manner towards cabin crew and recklessly endangering the safety of an aircraft.



Drunk woman bit off man’s ear and spat it onto street after row over taxi queue

A WOMAN who bit a man’s ear off and spat it onto the street in a row over a taxi is facing jail.

Linda McKillop, 35, sunk her teeth into 41-year-old Alan Brogan’s ear and ripped off the top half before spitting it onto the road as it gushed with blood.

The savage attack came after the pair got involved in a heated argument at a taxi rank after a night out in Paisley, Scotland.

Medics attempted to save Mr Brogan’s ear and performed surgery to reattach it but it failed and he has been left deformed.

Details of the attack emerged in Paisley Sheriff Court today where McKillop pleaded guilty to the assault.

Procurator Fiscal Depute Alan Parfery told the court the assault took place in the early hours of October 21 last year, in County Square after Mr Brogan had been on a night out in Glasgow.