How Black Women Worship And Interact With Their East Asian Lord And Saviour

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

Remember this video of the black female being punched in the face by the East Asian beauty supply store owner in Tulsa Oklahoma:

Well, this is how black women in the local area responded in turn when the same owner in the heat of the controversy launched a 50% off sale:

Behind closed doors the word has now gone out amongst East Asian beauty supply store owners, if black women step out of line in any way, the likes of Jun, Kim etc have a free reign to beat them black and blue from pillar to post with little to no consequences and not only that but also these same women will continue to shop at their establishments as if nothing happened. To be honest 50% off or not, these black sirens would’ve returned and shopped at his store regardless, this is how low black women as a group…

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