Drunk woman caused passenger to have seizure after screaming ‘we are all going to die’ on flight

A drunken aeroplane passenger screamed ‘we are all going to die’ as a holiday flight from Tenerife circled over East Midlands Airport. The behaviour of Kiran Jagdev, who had drunk up to eight beers and six wines, led to another passenger having a seizure on the Jet2 flight. That came after Jagdev continually kicked the seat in which the woman’s 15-year-old autistic daughter was sitting.


Prosecutor Zoe Lee told Leicester Magistrates’ Court how the 41-year-old former personal assistant, who had gone on holiday alone, behaved erratically on the four-hour LS634 flight. Mrs Lee said that Jagdev started shouting when the plane was unable to go into land first time and had to circle round.


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