Muddy Bootlickers Club Association Members BGS And AngryMangina Respond To Are Thinking Black Men Coons Article – Verbs Claps Back

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


Let’s first deal with the mobility scooter riding, ought to put down the mic and collect his pension, fossilised old codger named BGS. I’d been told before that BGS has a serious problem staying on point and his video response to my article Are Thinking Black Men Coons pretty much supports that position. Let’s get into it and deal with what we can.

“Black women are not feminists”. Yes you heard that statement correctly, that’s what he said. I honestly don’t know how to respond to such a retarded comment. The reason why black women “take advantage” of feminism is because that is the philosophy they believe in and subscribe to, this isn’t rocket science.

It’s not a case of black women occasionally dipping their feet in the feminist pool whenever convenient, no, black women have been militantly pushing the doctrines, edicts and tenets of feminism for the last…

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