India Is Creating A Generation Of Malnourished And Weak Males

The Male Factor (TMF)

Structural Bias Against Boys

Sitting in our Universities, with their fat paychecks some of our professors are out to destroy Indian society in the name of gender bias and inequality. They are running courses related to ‘Gender Studies. You visit any of these so-called classes run by these feminists, you will hear theories of how the Structural Discrimination and Implicit Bias is haunting women for ages. One of their popular theories is discrimination in food distribution and lower nutrition of girls. Their complaint is that the implicit bias in parents gives less food (or less nutrition) to girl children simply for their gender. Hence, they demand and create awareness in their classes that boys and girls should be given an equal amount of food. This was one of the basis that in Food Security Bill in 2013 where food supply became women-centric. Not only that, the National Policy for Women

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