This Is The Reason Feminists Want to Destroy Your Culture

The Male Factor

Feminists against culture

While discussing the feminist theory on Equality of Outcome I have already shown you why feminists want reservation for women ignoring the capability factors and what are the problems arising in the society due to that. (details – here)

To know more about destructive Feminist Theories, see This

Today, I will show you why feminists want to destroy our culture and tradition. The root, however, is the same theory of Equality of Outcome.

Equality of Outcome 1: Gender and Political Representation

To explain this form of inequality, this theory argues that when in a society, men take the breadwinner role and women the role of caregivers, the males become in a naturally authoritative position. Hence, even if there is equal opportunity to join political career, women will be submissive and will not come forward to participate. To break this barrier, political parties need to be forced to have…

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