Politicians selected via sexist all-women short-lists are 12 times more corrupt than those chosen on merit


The 15th of June 2018 saw a depressing new low for British politics with the election of Labour’s Janet Daby in Lewisham East. Daby made history as the first ever candidate selected by not only sexist means but racist ones too, with Labour imposing an all women and all BAME short-list, thus denying not just every single man, but even white women from contesting the seat for Labour too. Bizarrely, the hustings events for the election were protested by a large mob protesting against supposed “racism” by UKIP, yet the blatant and totally undeniable racism and sexism of Labour in their selection of candidate for that very seat went totally ignored.

Misandrist all-women short-lists were first used 21 years ago by Labour at the 1997 election. Thankfully we had a brief respite from them in 2001 due to the small matter of the short-lists being recognised as illegal sex…

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