Who’s telling the truth about jihad? Canadian Muslim lobby or the Quran and Hadith?


96c926ef6415c068282748dffd72427984b593b6Hezbollah flag being waved in Toronto, Canada.

We continue our examination of the syllabus entitled “The Gardens of Righteousness” found on the Islamic Circle of North America’s website.

The Islamic Social Services Association (ISSA) and the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) published a 38-page handbook on September 29, 2014 for Canadian Muslim communities about radicalization towards violent extremism.

According to the authors of the handbook titled “United Against Terrorism”: A Collaborative Effort Towards a secure, inclusive, and just Canada, answers questions about radicalization and provides Canadian Muslims with tools to confront misinformation and challenge discrimination.”

“We heard and responded to a pressing need to understand and evaluate the nature, origin, causes, facilitators and impacts of violent extremist messages on Canadian Muslim youth,” explained ISSA President Shahina Siddiqui.

“The best defense to violent extremist messages is to equip communities with sound knowledge, and to ensure that they are well-informed of…

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