Alcoholism: ‘Black Juicy’ and Lyndsey’s doorstep beatdown: Hilarious video shows brawl between two women who hurl abuse, bin lids and even a cup of TEA at each other

Shocking footage shows a brawl breaking out between two drunk women on the streets of County Durham.

In the astonishing video, the pair of women get into a physical fight after one calls the other ‘a slut’ – ending in them throwing council bins and mugs of tea at each other.

The unintentionally hilarious altercation has been viewed over 1.5 million times in the last 24 hours after it was published on social media.

The incident took place on Albion Avenue in Shildon, County Durham on Sunday afternoon.

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Suspected Islamists behead 10 in Mozambique

Ten people including children were beheaded in a village in northern Mozambique in a weekend attack blamed on suspected Islamists, local sources said on Tuesday.

The attack occurred in Monjane, a village not far from Palma, a small town gearing up to be the country’s new natural gas hub in the northern Cabo Delgado province. “We were informed about this tragedy,” Palma’s administrator David Machimbuko said, with the information also confirmed by a local resident, who blamed Islamists. Mozambique’s state broadcaster also reported on “10 persons decapitated” in the Palma area. Police were expected to give a news conference later on Tuesday. Since October, Cabo Delgado has seen a number of attacks by suspected radical Islamists. One of the victims of the weekend attack was the leader of Monjane village, a local resident said, without giving his name for fear of reprisals. “They targeted the chief as he had been providing information to the police about the location of al-Shabaab in forests,” he told AFP, referring to an armed group believed responsible for a deadly October attack on a police station and military post in the town of Mocimboa da Praia. Two officers died and 14 attackers were killed in what was believed to be the first jihadist attack on the country. The group has no known link to the Somali jihadist group of the same name. In the following weeks, at least 300 Muslims were arrested and several mosques forced to close.

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Black Woman Disparages Dark Skin – True Racism First Begins At Home

Black Woman Disparages Dark Skin – True Racism First Begins At Home

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


Mind you, this knuckle headed banshee is from South Africa which as you know is part of the motherland. Do you see what I’ve been saying before with regards to avoiding African women from certain parts of the continent especially the west and the south? Here she is wearing the weave just like the black females in the west and is rattling off the same racist rhetoric in the exact same manner as the western black sisterhood.

“You black as hell, soot, crispy, charcoal(which is exactly one of the words this siren used), blackula, midnight, turd, smoke” etc, why aren’t the pro blacks talking about the fact that the real self-hatred is injected into black children by these black women who already despise themselves and who seek to pass on that dysfunction to the next generation?

Yet these pro blacks will still attempt to shame us into dating…

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