They Don’t Want To Be Saved – They Cannot Be Saved

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


Now, upon investigation in turns out that this 19 year old feral black female named Kamiyah Mobley was kidnapped from the hospital shortly after birth in July 1998 and was raised by her kidnapper Gloria Williams until the age of 19. Now one of the many acolytes of the black witch Oprah Winfrey, one enchantress named Iyanla Vanzant believes that she can step in and fix that which is broken beyond repair.

See, anybody viewing this clip who doesn’t understand the psychology of the modern day black witch would automatically believe that the trauma of discovering the truth in relation to being kidnapped is the cause behind Mobley’s violent temperament, however we at the thinking black men’s regiment know better than that, much better than that.

Mobley was raised by another black woman for the majority of her life and she still turned out horribly in terms of her…

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