Toxic Masculinity? What Feminists Really Mean By The Term

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


It seems that the feminist black witch’s coven at Madame Noir have been at it once again. No doubt this latest talking point of so called “toxic masculinity” has been handed down to them from their white lord and saviour. The modern day black female is the stooge/lackey of the white male and even though he has shown her absolutely no love whatsoever, she in vain will still beckon herself to his every whim.

Understanding the term toxic masculinity isn’t that difficult at all, simply switch the words around and you’ll really begin to comprehend where the feminists are ultimately coming from. That’s right, as far as feminists and especially black women are concerned, as men our masculinity is toxic period. However, in order to slip this attack on masculinity through the net, they’ve simply introduced the word “toxic” into the equation in order to deceive and make you…

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