Alcohol far more destructive than cocaine, says lawyer at trafficking sentencing hearing

At a sentencing hearing in Yellowknife yesterday, a defence lawyer said when the courts talk about the ravages cocaine can have on individuals and communities, they should also consider the far more destructive influence of a perfectly legal drug, alcohol.

“Ninety to ninety-five per cent of what we deal with in the N.W.T. in criminal court — and the same numbers apply to Nunavut — is related to alcohol,” said Peter Harte.

“So the suggestion that cocaine is a horrible evil doesn’t really tell the whole story without taking into account that it’s really alcohol that puts people in criminal court.”

Harte made that argument at the sentencing hearing of Travis King. King pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine for the purpose of trafficking.

After a traffic stop near Hay River two years ago, police found 112 grams hidden in his underwear. He also had just over $1,200 in cash.

The prosecutor is calling for the 21-year-old to be sentenced to three years in prison. Harte said 18 months of jail time plus probation is more appropriate.


Harte said the same logic applies to sentencing of people for drug crimes involving marijuana.

“In the course of 30 years of criminal practice, I’ve never dealt with a fight caused as a result of people smoking marijuana. I deal with alcohol related fights all the time… alcohol prompts huge amounts of violence in the North.”

According to a pre-sentence report, King was neglected as a child due to his mother’s alcohol abuse. After being apprehended by social services twice as a child, he ended up homeless on the streets of Yellowknife at the age of 14.

King is the brother of Denecho King, who is currently charged with murder, attempted murder and aggravated assault. Another brother, Denezah King, was sentenced yesterday for mischief.

At Travis King’s sentencing hearing, Harte also took issue with the suggestion that a harsh sentence was needed to deter others from selling cocaine. He pointed to studies that concluded there is no evidence that harsher sentences stop people from committing crimes.

The judge said she will announce King’s sentence on June 18.

Finland: ‘New-Ålanders’ (Muslim settlers) systematically persecuting local young girls…….

‘New-Ålanders’ systematically persecuting local youths


There has long been a systematic persecution of local school girls by third world migrants in Åland. Åland’s news has been writing since at least from the beginning of the year. For at least two years, the ‘New-Åland’ gang members have disrupted local youth.


Ålands Nyheter has been on a number of occasions discussing drug abuse among juvenile offenders who travels in and out of Åland schools. Young people tell about assaults, persecution and threats. The 15-year-old girl interviewed by the magazine was mistreated by the gang and the violence was broadcast live at Facetime at the same time.


After the assault, two ‘New-Ålanders’ returned to the high school of Kirkonkylä, which the girl went to and tormented her. In addition, the ‘New-Ålanders’ have taken photos of the girl and spread them on social media. The girl is also called “äckliga jävla hora”, a fucking stupid whore.


The girl tells the Ålands nyheter:


– The school can not do anything about it. I have taken pictures of bruising and made a police report, but the Åland police are not interested in the matter, because the perps are minors.


According to the girl, at least one of the perps does not attend school and has been given a ban on entering the Åland schools, but the boy continues to persecute the girl outside the school.


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They Continue To Tell On Themselves – Part 11

They Continue To Tell On Themselves – Part 11

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


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