Feminism is Appealing for Ugly, Low IQ Women – Sociologist

The feminist movement in the Czech Republic is gaining momentum, as there have recently been reports of the introduction of women-only taxi services in the country. Sputnik spoke with sociologist Petr Hampl about the movement and whether it is being politically exaggerated.

Sputnik: Not so long ago Czech media reported on the introduction of special coaches and taxi services for women. Some began to talk about “feminist madness” in the Czech Republic. Do you agree with this or do you think that this problem has been artificially inflated?

Petr Hampl: If someone organizes a taxi service for women and others are interested in it, why should it be discouraged? For women there are special fitness centers, and it does not bother anyone. If such initiatives are carried out at the expense of budgetary funds, then, perhaps, it would be worthwhile to think about that, but we cannot say that this is some big problem.

Nevertheless, feminist madness is rightly being deemed so. The point is that extremists occupy key positions in state administration, in pedagogical faculties, in various ministries, etc.

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They introduce censorship, rewrite textbooks and implement programs to prevent people from living a normal life, giving birth and raising children. Therefore, they need to create the appearance of some kind of activity so that they can ask for more money, and the persecution of ordinary citizens and firms increases.

Moreover, feminists have managed to completely eliminate free discussion, it is forbidden to talk about real problems. For example, one cannot say that thousands of smart talented boys are “pushed out” of the educational process with excellent knowledge and good brains, because the education and evaluation system is “tailored” for girls.

This is a very important problem, but it cannot be solved in any way, because it is hushed up as a result of feminist madness.

Sputnik: There is an opinion that the modern feminist movement is not aimed at solving specific problems, such as equal wages for women and men, domestic violence, etc., but for creating a new society through the propagation of gender theory. Do you agree with this?

Petr Hampl: The modern feminist movement is not at all aimed at solving specific problems, because there are no such problems. Domestic violence is handled by the police. The difference in wages in reality does not exist.

When there are no real problems, there is nothing else than to invent all sorts of absurd topics and problems. Or do you expect that feminists will go to work in supermarkets? It’s just about getting grants and creating jobs artificially. All this feminism is the usual theft, nothing more.

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Sputnik: The #Metoo movement did not receive much hype in the Czech Republic, which disappointed the local feminist movement. Why, in your opinion, is feminism in Europe not as aggressive as in the US?

Petr Hampl: There are several factors here, but I will mention one that is not talked about much.

Czech women for the most part know their own worth and are very attractive. Feminism is rather appealing to women with complexes, who find themselves ugly. Another factor contributing to the development of feminism is low IQ.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of Petr Hampl and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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