I want to reduce numbers on minimum wage, says Prime Minister

02. 05. 2018 14:38

I’ll try to make the number of people earning the minimum wage lower every year, stated Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD) during Labour Day celebrations in Žilina on Tuesday, which were organised by Slovak and Czech trade unionists. “This isn’t only a holiday marking Labour Day, but I’m glad that today’s May 1 is also the day when things that will improve the working conditions for people working in Slovakia are coming into force. The things we promised a year ago in Nitra and today, they are a reality,” said the premier, referring to the hikes in bonuses for working at night, at weekends and during holidays. All these changes are part of an amendment to the Labour Code that has come into force on May 1. The Czech and Slovak unions in Žilina criticised the level of salaries which are significantly lower than salaries in western countries.



Mother, 19, stabbed boyfriend during sex after telling him men should only be used for ‘human sacrifice’

a young mother has been jailed for 11 years for stabbing her occasional boyfriend as they has sexual intercourse after texting him to say men should only be used as “human sacrifice”.

Zoe Adams, 19, has dressed up as a clown and put a pillow over Kieran Bewick’s head to make their encounter more exhilarating on July 29 last year, Carlisle Crown Court heard.

In what she described as an “overreaction”, she whispered, “Trust me”, to the then 17-year-old Bewick before stabbing him five times in the chest, arm and thigh with a 10-inch knife, collapsing his lung.

Having seized Adams’ iPhone, the court heard of images she had saved on the device, which included a blood-soaked woman with the caption “Murder is like a bag of chips: you can’t stop after just one”.

The device also had a text message to her victim reading: “I don’t think about males unless said male is strapped up and being used as a human sacrifice – you should be grateful you are not part of it.”

Adams claimed she could not remember the incident, but sentencing, Judge James Adkin said her “cruel and sadistic” actions were deliberately intended to cause harm to her victim.



Racist Porn Star Bella Rose Quits Porn


I’m sure this news will be upsetting. I mean I can’t think of a person attached to porn who didn’t have a soft spot for Bella. Whether it was her creampies from untested rapper Riff Raff or her views on banging black dudes, Bella had a way about her that made everyone love her

Now, it’s over. Lol

Megan, dry your eyes.



on her old blog which she deleted she claimed that girls who do IR porn are washed up

Black Women Now Attempting To Shame White Men Into Dating Them – Shame On You Black Women, Shame On You!

Black Women Now Attempting To Shame White Men Into Dating Them – Shame On You Black Women, Shame On You!

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock



Thanks to James S for bringing this article to my attention.

White men preferring white women so that they can continue to enjoy the benefits of white privilege, how stupid can you get? How about white men choosing white women because white men in general are attracted to the opposite sex of their own race first, why didn’t this dunce ever think of that? This is how pathetic, gutter, desperate and low the modern day black female has become, sideways begging white men to date them by attempting to shame them into doing so.

This principle of men choosing the opposite sex of their own race first is standard across the board, however as I have stated many times before black women in their desperation to be accepted by white men and white society in general believe that they can replace the white woman in being the white…

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Alcohol banned in First Nation where 3 boys killed by allegedly impaired driver

A northern Manitoba First Nation has banned alcohol, days after three children died when they were hit by an allegedly drunk driver.

Chief and council of Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation in Nelson House, Man., made the ban effective Tuesday.

A public announcement from leadership said the ban is out of respect for the three boys who died.

“During this time, there will be no public intoxication tolerated,” the announcement reads.

The community’s safety officers will enforce the ban with checkstops and will seize all alcohol for destruction, the public announcement said.

Keithan Lobster, 11, Mattheo Moore-Spence, 11, and Terrence Spence, 13, were walking and riding their bikes with friends along a main road in the community, about 660 kilometres north of Winnipeg, when they were hit and killed by a driver who was allegedly impaired.

Nisichawayasihk Chief Marcel Moody said the ban is temporary and was requested by leaders at a meeting on Sunday.

“Out of respect for the families, we want to create some peace and harmony in our community and we don’t want alcohol to take away from what’s happening in the community,” he said.

Community leadership will also look at ways to increase awareness about the dangers of impaired driving, Moody said.

“Hopefully we learn from this lesson, and I hope it never happens again, to anybody,” he said. “It’s so devastating and this accident could have been prevented.”

Previous conviction for impaired driving

Todd Norman Linklater, who is is also a resident of the small community, is facing a total of nine charges in connection with the crash, including three counts of impaired driving causing death.

Linklater, 27, was previously convicted for impaired driving in January 2009, according to records provided to CBC News by Manitoba Justice.

Linklater was scheduled to appear in court in Thompson on Monday, said RCMP. None of the new charges have been proven in court.

His mother, Valdine Linklater, told The Canadian Press her heart and soul are broken.