Bill Cosby Rape Allegations, Trial And Verdict – Your Thoughts

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

With this farce of a trial having secured a temporary victory for the #MeToo movement aka feminism, I would suggest that brothers in the US and other western countries at least begin looking at the possibility of setting up a second base elsewhere in the world because as things now stand here, any woman can accuse you of sexual assault or rape and need provide no evidence in order to be believed. Additionally as we have seen with Bill Cosby, there is a very strong possibility of conviction based upon nothing but words alone.

As I’ve stated before THERE IS NO RAPE CULTURE IN THE WEST, instead what we have is a culture of FALSE RAPE ACCUSATION and a judicial system that is only too willing to accommodate such decadency. When you are a male celebrity you don’t need to drug and rape women, women literally throw themselves at you…

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