False Rape Accuser Jennifer Jarosik

A documentary filmmaker who accused Russell Simmons of raping her in 2016 has dropped her lawsuit against him.

Jennifer Jarosik filed the suit in January, seeking $5 million. She alleged that Simmons invited her to his home on Doheny Drive and then physically overpowered her. She also repeated the claim in an interview on “Megyn Kelly Today,” in which she alleged that Simmons also sexually assaulted her at his office in 2011. Her attorney said the second episode fell outside the statute of limitations.

Simmons strongly denied the claims, and earlier this month filed an answer to the suit quoting from emails and text messages from Jarosik. In a message a few weeks after the 2016 incident, she wrote, “Sending love <3.” A few days later, she wrote “I miss u Russell. r u ok?”

The answer also alleged that Jarosik had been deemed an unfit parent and was found by a court to have a “propensity to exaggerate” and “untreated mental health issues.” Simmons’ attorney alleged that Jarosik was seeking financing from Simmons for a film, and that the rape claim amounted to a shakedown.

“Only after hearing that women were able to recover money for real abuse by actual sexual predators, did Ms. Jarosik decide to see if she could extract large amounts of money from Mr. Simmons,” his attorney wrote.



Vancouver’s empty homes tax generates millions in revenue, effect on rental supply unclear

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Some 3,300 Vancouver properties have been hit by the city’s one per cent empty homes tax in its first year, which is expected to add another $30 million to the city’s coffers.

But whether or not the initiative is achieving the goal of increasing availability of rental properties remains an open question.

“We don’t have any specific numbers on how many people did rent their empty homes,” admits Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson.

“Obviously, having tens of millions of dollars to invest in affordable housing is much-needed, but the ultimate goal here was to encourage people to rent their empty homes, so hopefully that’s happening at the same time.”

He adds the city is developing better data collection methods to monitor the impact of the tax more closely.

$17 million has already been collected from owners of properties that were determined to be vacant or under-utilized for at least six months of the year. Individual fines ranged from $1,500 to $250,000, with the highest tax bill coming from a home with an assessed value of $25-million.

Over half of the homes declared vacant by their owners were in downtown Vancouver or the West End.

Tom Davidoff, director of the Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate with the Sauder School of Business at UBC, says the amount of revenue being generated by the empty homes tax is significant.

When combined with the province’s new speculation tax, he says it’s reasonable to think the owners of empty secondary residences will change their behaviour to avoid being fined.

“I think probably, the benefits to Vancouverites of this tax are probably going to change from revenue to units that are freed up over time. That’s a conjecture, but I think it makes sense based on what we know about people’s behaviour,” he says.

However, despite these new taxes and a number of other initiatives from multiple levels of government, Davidoff says rents will likely remain high in Vancouver.

“We still live in a place where there’s lots of demand and it’s always going to be hard to add supply,” he says.

The empty homes tax cost the city $7.5 million to implement, and annual operating costs are pegged at $2.5 million.



IPT Exclusive: Brooklyn Imam Advocates Violence Against Israel in Anti-Semitic Sermon

An extremist imam used his Friday prayer last week to call on Muslims and Palestinians to disavow non-violent protest against Israel. But the imam was not preaching from the West Bank or Gaza Strip. This imam was yet another spiritual leader espousing radical views from the United States, joining a long list of other U.S.-based Muslim leaders who have promoted anti-Semitism and incited violence against Jews and Israelis.

Mohamed Elbar – an imam at the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge (a.k.a. Masjid Musab) – delivered a sermon in Brooklyn April 13 that amounted to violent incitement.


Elbar was not trying to keep this view secret in a private setting of committed individuals. On the contrary, his sermon was live-streamed on the Islamic Society’s official Facebook page, broadcast publicly to its followers and translated by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT). It remained accessible as of this publication.

Elbar reserved harsh criticism for some unidentified imams and preachers who he said issued religious decrees (fatwas) calling for non-violence against Irael. According to the imam, these preachers only advocate direct confrontations if there is symmetry in power.

Too “many imams in our diverse Arab countries” are issuing fatwas that prohibit violent resistance against Israel, he said, “so long as the occupier or the aggressor [Israel] possesses more power than you [Palestinians] possess.”

“They [other imams] tell them [individuals in the Palestinian territories]: ‘You don’t have the kind of weaponry that the Zionist entity has, so it’s not right for you to stand up to the Zionist entity, because if you stand up to them and get killed by the Zionist entity, it’s as if you killed yourself,’” Elbar preached.

After denouncing non-violent protest, Elbar rhetorically asks his congregation: “So what should we do? How are we going to defend our land?”

By offering such passionate criticism, Elbar is encouraging violence and promoting terrorism among Palestinians to coerce concessions from Israel.

He warned that if Palestinians and Muslims “give up” the fight against Israel, then Israelis will destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. He also engages in anti-Semitic historical revisionism by claiming that the Jews will re-build a “Temple of no value and no historical evidence” over the mosque’s ruins.

“It [Al Aqsa Mosque] will get demolished if we abandoned it and an alleged Temple of no value and no historical evidence of its existence would be built to replace it,” Elbar claims.

Propagating such a destructive scenario is a form of violent incitement, especially since previous false allegations of Israeli changes to the religious status quo in Jerusalem have led to outbreaks in Palestinian violence. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas espoused a similar view in the past, which encouraged a wave of Palestinian stabbing attacks and terrorism in Jerusalem and surrounding areas.

Elbar, who is also a professor of Islamic Studies at the Graduate Theological Foundation and teaches “Da’wah related courses” (proselytizing Islam) at the Manara Institute, has a history of making radical statements.

In a Dec. 8 sermon – following President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital –Elbar referred to Jerusalem “as a sole Islamic property,” denying any Jewish or Christian ties to the city. In the final prayer, Elbar prayed for “Allah to liberate Palestine from the occupiers [Jews].”

In 2014, the IPT covered a rally featuring Elbar as a speaker, organized by the Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in front of the Saudi consulate in New York City. Protesters demanded that Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi be reinstated as Egypt’s president. Elbar led chants accusing the Saudi king of “selling Egypt to the Jews” while members of the crowd chanted that Saudis were “dirtier than the Jews.”

Elbar’s history of anti-Semitic and radical Islamist preaching resembles extremist sentiment embraced by several other imams in the United States.

For example, Sheikh Raed Saleh Al-Rousan, the founder of the Tajweed Institute’s Houston branch, used a Dec. 8 sermon to repeat a notorious Quranic hadith that radical preachers often invoke to mobilize Muslims against Jews.

That same day, Sheikh Aymen Elkasaby from the Islamic Center of Jersey City, calledfor “the plunderer oppressors (Jews)” to be destroyed.

“So long as the Al-Aqsa Mosque remains prisoner in the hands of the Jews… So long as the Al-Aqsa Mosque remains under the feet of the apes and pigs, this nation will remain humiliated,” Elkasaby preached, adding that he wishes to achieve “martyrdom on the threshold of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

In another instance, a Texas-based imam, Sheikh Ramadan Elsabagh, called for Israel’s destruction in a recorded prayer posted to his Facebook page on Dec. 7, according to an IPT translation.

American Islamist groups have remained silent in the wake of these sermons, and have not outright condemned the imams’ behavior. Now, Elbar joins a growing list of radical U.S.-based Muslim leaders who continuously espouse extremist views. Muslim leaders who explicitly glorify terrorism against Jews deserve more scrutiny in American media and political circles.



Dorval wants to keep pot shops away from schools and shopping malls

Dorval is taking steps to ensure school-age children and young teenagers won’t be able to access a marijuana store at their nearest mall.

On Monday, Dorval city council passed a zoning bylaw motion that will restrict where cannabis retail outlets can set up shop.

For Mayor Edgar Rouleau, keeping pot shops away from schools is common sense.

“We have École Secondaire Dorval-Jean XXIII (on Dawson Ave.) which has the possibility of a clientele,” Rouleau said.

“And we don’t want (pot sold) at the Dorval shopping centre, because that’s where most of the kids go to lunch and everything else.”


Dorval mayor wants pot shops far away from schools, malls

Everything You Know About Porn Star Leigh Raven’s Charges of On-Set Abuse is Wrong (We have the VIDEO)

Shocking evidence raises the question: is Leigh Raven being manipulated by her wife, Nikki Hearts?


On March 9, we reported on extraordinary charges that a veteran male performer and director abused and intimidated female talent Leigh Raven during a porn shoot, writing,

Adult performers Leigh Raven and Riley Nixon sent tremors through Porn Valley today, when they leveled charges of abuse, deceit and consent violations on the set of  two separate rough sex / race play scenes opposite male talent Rico Strong, in a video created and posted to YouTube by fellow performer Nikki Hearts.

Following the release of Nikki’s video, both Raven and Hearts have made additional claims via the one-sided platform afforded by social media.

This was a major story, however, we never published a follow-up.

The charges made by Raven and Hearts were, on their face, extraordinary, and as the late writer Christopher Hitchens famously remarked, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.”

Frankly, we could tell there was something fishy about it, but no one was yet willing to talk.

Today, however, MikeSouth.com was provided an advance copy of a press statement made jointly by all the participants in the shoot other than the accuser, Leigh Raven; copies of text messages to and from Hearts and Raven regarding the shoot; as well as the complete unedited 2-hour 39-minute “behind the scenes” video of the entire shoot.

The evidence that Leigh Raven and, perhaps even more, her wife Nikki Hearts, fabricated the claims is damning to say the least.

Here is an exclusive preview of the first 30 minutes of the unedited “behind-the-scenes” video recording:


more here



Nigeria: Muslims raid church, murder two Catholic priests, 17 parishioners

What? A Catholic church? There must be some mistake. Pope Francis has claimed that “authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence.” It has become a superdogma in the Catholic Church: if you don’t believe that Islam is a Religion of Peace, you will be ruthlessly harassed and silenced by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and the hierarchy elsewhere as well. The bishops of the Catholic Church are much more concerned that you believe that Islam is a religion of peace than that you believe in, say, the Nicene Creed.

So we can only hope that Pope Francis and a few choice members of the USCCB is on his way to Nigeria now to explain to these Fulani herdsmen that they’re misunderstanding their peaceful religion.

“Leave them; they are blind guides. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Matthew 15:14)

“JUST IN: Herdsmen kill two Catholic priests, 17 parishioners in Benue,” by Rose Ejembi, Sun News Online, April 24, 2018 (thanks to the Geller Report):

At least 19 people including two Catholic priests and parishioners were, on Tuesday, killed by suspected Fulani herdsmen in Ayar Mbalon village, Gwer East Local Government area of Benue State.

Daily Sun gathered from sources that the parishioners and the priests had gone for early morning mass at about 5:30a.m. when the herdsmen who stormed the village and the church wasted no time in spraying bullets on everyone in sight.

Our correspondent observed that since Governor Samuel Ortom traveled out of the country, spate of killings in the state in the last few weeks seemed to be on the increase as hardly a day passes without news about herdsmen killing.

“The rampaging Fulani herdsmen this morning attacked Ayar Mbalom village in Gwer East Local government Area of Benue State and killed two Rev. Fathers and many others,” a source said.

Many were said to have died on the spot while several others sustained injuries even as remains of the dead were at the time of this report being moved to the morgue of St. Theresa’s Hospital.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi has given the names of the deceased Reverend Fathers killed in the attack at their St. Ignatius Quasi Parish, Ukpor Mbalom as Joseph Gor and Felix Tyolaha.

In a statement signed by its Director of Communications, Fr. Moses Iorapuu and made available to newsmen read in part, “Reverend Fathers Joseph Gor and Felix Tyolaha have been confirmed dead in the deadly attack by herdsmen/Jihadists early today (Tuesday) on Mbalom village and St. Ignatius Quasi Parish Ukpor-Mbalom.”

Iorapuu, who regretted that the herdsmen in their classic style, burnt down homes, destroyed food items and killed at will maintained that the police seemed to know nothing of the attacks which have been going on in other villages within Benue State since the Anti Open Grazing Law came into effect last year.

“Many people are asking why the International community has remained silent over the massacre of Benue citizens?

“The answer is simple: It has been the goal of the Jihadists to conquer Benue and Tiv people who resisted their advance into the middle belt and the Eastern part of Nigeria since 1804, the people who rejected Islam and fought for the unification of Nigeria in the civil war of 1967 – 1970.

“The people of Eastern Nigeria therefore have little sympathy for Benue people who fought on the side of Nigeria .

The Muslim North is enjoying a sweet revenge overshadowed by an insensitive regime.

He lamented that there are over 170,000 internally displaced persons in eight camps in Benue before the Naka invasion stressing that this current invasion of Mbalom would further swell the humanitarian crisis the state is already faced with….





Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

The above photo represents the current state of the black community, a society that has been brought to almost complete ruin due to the selfish decisions black women made over 50 years ago in siding with feminism and fatherless home welfare policies in exchange for government assistance, food stamps, section 8 as well as other state “treats” and benefits.

In addition to this one must always be reminded of the contractual obligation black women have towards the state to keep black society and especially black men on their faces, this is the number one reason why the so called black community will NEVER be rebuilt. As an employee of the state it is the black woman’s duty to ensure that any efforts to build and reconstruct within black society are sabotaged and destroyed immediately.

Besides, black women have been placed in position as the leaders of the black community, to…

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The Latest Racist Feminist: California Assembly Woman Cristina Garcia (D)

SAN FRANCISCO — California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, the prominent #MeToo activist now under investigation for groping and sexual harassment of former legislative staffers, was reprimanded by former Assembly Speaker John Perez in 2014 for making racially insensitive comments directed toward Asians.

Perez confirmed to POLITICO on Saturday that he had to “strongly admonish” Garcia after she made comments against Asians in a closed-door Assembly Democratic Caucus meeting in 2014 — the same year in which she also acknowledged using homophobic slurs aimed at Perez, the first openly gay speaker of the California State Assembly.


Sources familiar with the incident say Garcia’s anti-Asian remarks came during a legislative battle that arose when Asian-American community activists successfully lobbied to defeat a Democratic proposal to overturn California’s ban on affirmative action in college admissions. They argued that such a move could hurt Asian student admission rates.

Perez in mid-March 2014 announced a move to return the bill to the Senate without any action from the Assembly, effectively blocking its advance.

Garcia, the sources said, erupted in anger during a tense meeting of the entire Assembly Democratic caucus.

“This makes me feel like I want to punch the next Asian person I see in the face,” according to sources present at the meeting and other legislative sources who were told about the comments in the immediate aftermath.

Perez said no formal action was ever taken after the incident. Asked whether Garcia ever apologized to the Asian-American community or to her fellow legislators for the comments, Perez said, “If she did, I am unaware of it.”

The revelations about Garcia’s past use of racially insensitive language come as political troubles continue to mount for the Bell Gardens Democrat, who, sources say, is preparing to return to the Assembly after a voluntary leave of absence and run for reelection.

Her leave followed POLITICO’s report of a formal complaint that she groped a former legislative staffer after a legislative softball game. She also faces allegations, also first reported by POLITICO, that she sexually harassed David John Kernick, a former staff member in her office, allegedly urging him and other staffers to play “spin the bottle” after a night of drinking in 2014.

Garcia has strongly denied the allegations, calling them part of a political witch hunt.